Stephanie and Frankie

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Our Story

Stephanie and Frank’s love story first began in July 2013 when they met getting drinks with a mutual friend. Stephanie remembered that she’d seen Frank back in high school and always thought he was cute. Following a few drinks and some flirting, he invited her out to go dancing that same week. Things really spiced up on the dance floor when Frank kissed Stephanie for the first time ever. Underlying their passionate romance, a true friendship of trust, understanding, and compassion grew over the two years together in college at George Mason University. After college the two moved to Washington DC where they happily lived for three years. Long overdue, Frank popped the question while on a scenic hike in Great Falls, Maryland. After staying with family for a year and a half and saving for their wedding, the couple bought their first home, a cozy Georgetown condo. Now having celebrated seven years together, they are excited to continue their journey as a married couple and to share their joy with the family and friends they love.
Beth Schneider